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     Dazzle™ can also reduce the effectiveness of laser-guided weapons when applied to potential targets. In most situations, the sensors on the weapons receive a significantly reduced signal and thus the weapon has less time to make flight path corrections. The result is that the weapon is less likely to hit the designated target area.


     We believe that Dazzle™ is a very cost-effective and practical means to defend against these upcoming laser defense systems that many countries are beginning to or wish to deploy.



   Laser weapons meant to destroy aircraft, drones, missiles, and rockets are starting to be deployed by various armed forces around the world. Systems such as the Chinese LW-30, Russian Peresvet, and others under development will become a very real threat in the near future.

   Shiva has an elegant solution that could largely negate the effectiveness of these systems – Dazzle™. Dazzle™ is a coating which is easily applied to the outer surfaces of an aircraft or rocket that both significantly increases the on-target illumination time needed to cause damage and makes it very difficult for the laser system to stay focused on the target. Dazzle™ can be applied in place of paint to produce a medium gray color on aircraft aluminum. Additionally, any painted markings, such as aircraft numbers, underneath the Dazzle™ layer are still visible although subdued.

For more information on Dazzle™ please email us at info@shivastg.com.