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Vaness™ & Vaness Plus

     Another nutraceutical product that we have developed is Vaness™ Weight Control.  It comes as a small capsule that is taken once a day and helps you avoid gaining weight.  This isn't a diet pill - it doesn't curb your appetite.  It simply helps your body burn fat.  You eat normally.  It can help you lose weight while dieting and/or exercising, but if you take it while not dieting or exercising, it will help you keep off the weight you lost - no more yo-yo dieting.

     Vaness Plus™ is for those wishing to not just maintain their weight, but to gradually lose weight without having to work at it or diet.  Typical weight loss will be in the 1-2 pounds per week range for most people taking it.  Just like Vaness™, it doesn't curb one's appetite and you eat normally while taking it and there is no need to exercise (though exercising will accelerate the weight loss).

For more information, email us at info@shivastg.com.